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This is my guestbook. Please make me happy and leave a message here.

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Новых фоток пощему нет? Не понятнэ.
Тока ощкэ одай!!!
Как бодрость духа?
Фотки с дохлыми яшшэрицами просто мощные!
Особенно та, где Кёрк что-то высматривает :=)))))
Salam Ksenya!! nastupayusim S novim Godom!! Ya Ulan iz Kirgizstana.
Re: advertising keeps outXenia310307
Third try. Yeah that is my third try trying to tipe the code I got it. But it is great because that spamers were annoying already. Thatnk you very much!
P.S. I was just thinking that I need to write the whole bunch of emails to everyone and I need to do it tonight So we will see
advertising keeps outSren310307
Hallo meine Kleine,

I think I found a way to keep the f*cking spam out of the forums and guestbooks now!
P.S.: Hope to read from you soon

Your Sren
Re: PictureXenia170307
Hello hello Susan
It is nice to hear from you again. Yes I will try to find some picture of me that is not too old yet or I will just take a new one together with my car that I am going to drive in one hour! Scarry!
By the way it is amazing how Vince-baby look like Lenny-baby!
All the best to you guys!
PictureSusan Kahl120307
Hi little Girl,
we didn`t see you so long time. Would you take a new picture from you or how do you live in Kanada, just. We wish you the best of luck in Kanada. Lenny, Vince, Sren and Susl
from XeniaGuestbook010107
Wsem poka.a.a.a.a
Priwet ot Rostika.a.a.a.a.a
Kak pogoda.....?????????
u nas polnoe gowno- snega.net
Re: Gde_Blin_Fotki?????????????????????????????????????Xenia261106
Kakie blin fotki?
Ragnarok kerdymKhazad-DUMM031106
Nu, chto ne pishite. Razuchilic' , ili razuwerilis''???
Poseti menya pozhaluystaGuestbook031106
CHORT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Gde_Blin_Fotki?????????????????????????????????????HAAZZ and MAMA031106
Ich ne...ne...ne......ne.......nerv......nervniy.............
fo...fo...ttt.....fot.....tki...fof....fo....foki....g deeeeee???....???
Tut kak w skazkeHAAZZ081006
Privet ot Boba. My p'yom pivo i zashibis'.
ksyu, my s toboy odnoy krovi. Ty i ich. Bob
Ogromniy privet ot baty. V toy igre on proshyol 11 metrov!!!!8-
Re: hiXenia160806
Da uzh... U menja tozhe nastal'gija posetila, ogda ja s fotkami rabotala... Ja rada chto tebe ponravilos. Kstati, chto naschjot Edmontona dumaesh? Skoro opjat' budu obnovlenija s parada-karnavala
klassno! nostal'gija blin... ja posmotrela fotki... koe-4to sebe prikarmanila ^^
A u malinowoy dewochki wzglyad....Umrr-AT-Hazz160406
Priwet, Sestra!!! Ich zdes' prosto, 4toby skazat' PRIWET.
U nas (u menya w chastnosti) wsyo w poryadke. Uporyado4e-
nniy takoy haos. Skoro Indeezz priedet - nagryanem w
Kuyar. Wot togda i konez wsyakomu poryadku!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hail, Satan! Hail, Hazz! Yankee, Go Home!!!!!!!
Nakonetz dosnyali klip Deathonatora/Kornila, ya ego escho
ne widel, no w uspehe ne somnewayus' !!!!
2000 let depressi proshli, nayden wihod iz labirinta, no 4to
delat' , esli takowo nazna4enie........
ups, ja 4toto ne to nazhala
Lenny tak wiros! takoj klassnij! pravda o4 izmenilsja, eto on s Mareikoj wezde?
ja priedu v mae. pishi.
Привет Ксения!!!!ZACK020306
Приветик Ксения!! Где пропадаешь, давно тебя не было слышно и видно. Напиши что нового у тебя, можешь в icq или на мыло, да у тебя модет web-камера есть?? если да то можешь сказать. Сё пока, привет от беларусов!!!!!!!!
privettetya Lusia i dyadya Sasha060206
xenia, kak u tebya dela? kak u tebya s novoy rabotoy? napishi paru strok, nam budet priyatno))
*lu4she - po e-mail: a.pankin@rambler.ru
Re: OtklikXenia050206
da uzh ti prav, bratishka- luchshe gor mogut bit' tol'ko gori!!!!!
Prosmotrel galereyu daggerotipov s widami landshafta -
obaldenno!!! Skatilas' sleza umileniya. Da, luchshe gor
mogut byt' tol'ko gory. Argghhhh!!!
Na dnyah nastrochu emelyu poser'yozney.
Ne boley i beregi sebya. Poka...
ti kogda pojavishsja online?
Re: Heil From The GraveXenia030106
Ura!!!! nashla nakonets-to kak otvechat' na ostavlenie zdes' soobshenia!!! Rada, rada chto moji saitik vam ponravilsja. V budujushem hochu vsjo eto eshjo i na russkom (russkimi bukvami, v smisle) pisat' spetsial'no dlja tebja i mami... nad etim idjot upornaja rabota
ne popsi!
Re: S Dnem Rosjdenia !!!!!!Xenia030106
Privet privet, Lenka!
Spasibo za vse izvestnie i neizvestnie pozhelanija Tvoi napisanija ponjatni mne kak nikogda, sama ponimaesh praktika u menja bol'shaja s etim delom kak tebe kstati moja stranichka? ona sovsem "young" tak chto eshjo ne uspela vsju moju fotobiografiju zakachat', no obnavlenija prodolzhautsja... tak chto vsegda dobro pozhalovat', esli interesno
Cool! My guestbook looks better now! Thank you for you, Sren, for your great idea to be first Thank you for every one who let a massage for me here! It make me really happy to see soemthing new on this page...

Susan Kahl020106
Hallo,hallo... es ist so schn Dich glcklich zu sehen. Wir wnschen Dir viel Glck, Kraft und das Deine Wnsche fr 2006 in Erfllung gehen. Wir wissen, dass Du es schaffen wirst!

After while crocodiles Lenny and Susl
i eche raz nadeiys' 4to to 4to ia napisala vozmojno pro4itat'
S Dnem Rosjdenia !!!!!!Lenka241205
Privet tebe Ksenia!!! vot dal bratec tvoi adres i reshila ia tebia pozdravit' tol'ko ne y4la ia 4to pisat' pridet'sia anglickimi bykvfmi , i vot sijy pishy kakieto strashnie slova, o4en' nadeias' 4to ti eto rashifryesh
Ladno o svoih my4eniah, v poiske nyjnoi knopki ia tebe potom rasskajy )) ly4she o glavnom
K etomy kone4no prilogaet'sia vse izvestnie da i neizvestnie pojelania =))
S Dnyom RozhdeniyaHazzATMarietzz241205
Mocshno pozdravlyayut tebya Vershyniny, babushka & ded,
maman & batya nu i Ich.
Bud' zdorova , ne podhodi k loshadyam szadi i ne zaglyadyvay
v dupla derev'ev.Chti zavety V.Lenina i voobche!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Heil From The GraveUmrrATHazzthor231205
Prosmotrel saitik - kruto. Maman v polnom vostorge.
Nakachal fotok.Da, mnogo novoy vizual'noy infy.
Tak derzhat' !!! Ne popsi i bud' zdorova!
23/XII/2005 A.D.
Someone seems to be the first - Jemand sollte den Anfang machen.Soeren201205
Hallo Kleine,

...we wish you a successful and happy time in Canada! That you come closer to your aim - by never go the easiest way - it's your way. We are proud on you!

...wir wnschen Dir eine erfolgreiche und glckliche Zeit in Kanada. Und dass Du Deinem Ziel nher kommt, indem Du nie den leichten Weg gehst - wie es eben Deine Art ist. Wir sind stolz auf Dich.

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